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Originally Posted by paul.siu View Post
I don't see a schedule for changing CVT fluid for a 2014 Nissan Versa SV. I seemed to see that there is a general recommendation for 60,000 miles and 6 years. The car isn't driven much and probably won't see 60,000 for a long time. Can the dealer test the CVT to see if it needs changing or should I change it at 60,000 just in case. I recall Nissan have had issues with CVT in the past.

Changing out the fluid at 60,000 can't hurt. The one thing I will say is I would have the dealership do the job. Some individuals on this board have done it themselves, but it is an involved process that the dealership is better equipped to handle.

Nissans regular maintenance plan does not seem to address changing out the CVT fluid. The Optional Premium Upgrade shows as follows:

Optional Premium Maintenance Upgrade

Premium Upgrade adds the following services to Standard
❑ Lubricate all locks/hinges
❑ Replace automatic transmission/CVT fluid1
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