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Versa vs cars from the 80's

My wife once complaint that the Versa was barely driveable. This got me thinking about my first car, an Acura Integra 1st gen (80's). It was considered a preppy car back then, but it had only 113 hp for a car about the same size as the Versa. My memory of the handling were hazy, I don't recall if the handling was comparable to the Versa these days. It did require way more maintenance. I think I needed to replace the spark plug every 15K. Nowadays, it's more like 100K.

Back in the 80's, my parent owned several Chevrolet. The first was a Chevette. This was followed by a Citation. I think there may have been a Ford Pinto somewhere. All the cars were terrible, drove like crap, and turned us off toward American cars for a while, since the next couple of cars were Toyota's.

Nowadays, even entry level cars have about 130 hp or higher. They often appear to faster and handles better than the sport coupe of yesteryear. They are also much safer, and more reliable. How things have improved!


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