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CVT Preventive Maintenance

I am trying to under stand how to do preventive maintenance on a Nissan CVT. What I am trying to understand is

1. What is the most common cause of Nissan CVT failure? Is it too much load (like towing a heavy trailer)? Is it due to driving habit like constantly accelerating causing wear? Is it a lack of fluid change? Is it driving through dirty conditions? Is it due to some unfortunate manufacturering defect that cannot be prevented?

2. In the manual, the maintenance just state check the CVT fluid. I have no idea what that means. The manual states that "the CVT fluid deterioration data is more than 210000". This seems to indicate some sort of equipment that Nissan has to examine the quality of the fluid. I do not know if this info can be read through the OBD2 port, or if some specialized equipment is needed. When I checked with the dealer, they were not exactly helpful and didn't know about the reader.

There is no issue with the car now, but by the time something goes wrong, it would be too late, so I am trying to plan ahead. On a Subaru, one common cause of CVT failure is to follow the manual recommendation that the CVT will last for the lifetime of the car, so changing it often will prevent that. What about Nissans? If they have some sort of deterioration meter, should we just have Nissan check it and change it when it's near 210000 (whatever that number means...).

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