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Aftermarket replacement for items that needs replacing

At some point, the car will require replacements. Tires will wear and need replacing. Brakes pads will need replacing. I am wondering if there are better alternatives to the factory. I am not talking about doing something extreme like adding a coilover, but thinking about replacing things with something a little better.

* Tires - when the original ContiProContact wears out, they could be replace by a better set probably something like a Continental TrueContact Tour, which would improve handling.
* Brakes - Could we replace the OEM brake pad with something that would improve stopping distances? This could be combine with a better set of rotors when the original wears out.
* Suspension Bushings - when they wear out, they could be replaced by Polyurethane bushings, which would be firmer and probably longer lasting.
* Lights - not sure if there are better lights than the OEM. Looking for something as longer lasting.

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