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No codes...

I will try secondary key, but car wouldnt start if there’s a problem with immobilizer.

I was thinking same way about diesel mixed with gas... aren’t diesel filing nozzle thicker so wont fit gas cars?

Car has around 100k.
Also, it has exhaust leak but after cat, somi don't think that could be a problem.

I think, when i started it last night after position sensors replacement, when engine was running for about a min at hi RPMs (about 2500), i could see a smoke coming out of the exhaust. So, i think, i was too rich of gas...

When im cranking without the plugs in ( have plug inserted to coil) i can see sparks and also, can see injectors spraying...

I did not changed fuel pump and filter, i have to double check that...
If there is two lines coming in to filter, which i think is also fuel pressure regulator, lines might be switched...
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