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Originally Posted by Itsmerainy View Post
Pickleweed is one of those entitled little whiney babies. Be thankful your mom got you a car. A new car. You know what I got on my 18th birthday ( which was 1988). A 1981 Pontiac t 1000 that needed the clutch replaced. Fortunately my brother in law was a real mechanic so fixed it for cost. And instead of whining that this was a "lame uncool car" I was thankful and grateful.

As far as the other people saying a versa is a "piece of junk". Why do you have one then? The thing is I bought my 2017 S with a 5 speed NEW for less than 10, 000 dollars. Really what do you expect at a price like that? My car gets 35-36 mpg city driving and 40 straight highway. I does what it I need it to do. It gets me from point A to point B. I do admit that this is a "throwaway" car. But so was my 95 sunfire that I paid 15000 for brand new. (It had all the works). I drove it for 10 years. Then gave to my brother who drove it for a few more years. Anyway if this car lasts me 10 years then I'll be happy. That is 1000 a year for a car.

Additionally, people here are saying how ugly this car is. I get lots of compliments for mine. Maybe becuase I keep it is black and I keep it clean. Because it certainly isnt because I have made juvenile modifications to it. Sure it isnt the most attractive car out there. But again, I bought it for its functionality.

Lastly, I live in st. Louis. There are carjackings here in a daily basis. Maybe I'll be safe from this because it is so "uncool" and has a manual ( which noone can hardly drive anymore). Another bonus for me.

Everything you said is spot on! My first car was a 1974 Vega. I had to turn the A/C off to have enough power to get on the highway. I got it in 1979 as a HS graduation present from my parents. That and I added $300 of my own money to it. I was very happy to have it. I learned how to fix cars with that one. It constantly needed repairs. The day I traded it in a dealership the poor salesman had to wait 10 minutes for the smoke to clear before he let the appraiser look at it. A lot of the kids now a days feel entitled to everything. And when they get it either they don't like it or don't appreciate it. I now drive a 2016 Versa S sedan with 5 speed manual. And I love it!
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