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Power Steering Problem 2015 Versa S

I purchased a second Versa for my daughter a month or so ago. It is a 2015 S manual shift with about 77K miles.
I have put close to a thousand miles on it to test it and make sure it is reliable before giving it to my daughter and it had been flawless.
However, just this weekend the power steering assist quit. The PS light on the dash came on. The car still is operable but just with very heavy steering.
After turning off the car and restarting a bit later it worked again. The same thing happened again a little later in the day.
We were doing a lot of slow speed stop and go driving as she was getting lessons on driving a stick. The temperature was quite warm that day, about 85F.
The fuse was checked and is fine.

The last couple of days it was driven some more without incident.

So I have a couple of questions.

Can I pull the codes if there are codes for PS dash light issues with the torque app on my phone? If not what do I need to get the codes without going to the Nissan dealer?

I don't think it is the electric motor as it would probably not be intermittent. I think it must be a sensor malfunction.
I do not have a good understanding of the power steering system yet and was hoping someone here could help with that. For instance, How many sensors, located where and what their function is?
And are they replaceable without a major component replacement?

I did install a rostra cruise control on the vehicle a couple of weeks before the steering issue.
The cruise works fine and the car was driven quite a few times with no issues until just this last weekend.
I don't think it is related but there is the potential, as I was working under the dash.

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