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It will fit ONLY if your car has the same 6 speed transmission as the juke.

Yes I was talking about the juke sorry for not clarifying that. In that part of the world were the duster is sold there is an auto and manual versions for both 2x4 and awd. From auto to manual there is a spline count difference ( going by juke number for this) 26 manual 28 auto (feel free to double check). In my versa which is a 2016 I have different spline count altogether 25 for the transmission side and 24 for the wheel hub side.

The reason I keep bring the juke up is that engine and transmission (to be more accurate variations of the mr16det is used or the mr20de which mounts the same transmission) is what is used over there. But it get even more interesting with the nissan Xtrail and Dacia Duster and a Russian car company AvtoVAZ who makes the Lada. All share part with a juke. But depending on your year versa it will share part with some of these cars, and that not including the list of Renault cars.

Here is a part site I use for nissan car of north America.

Use it to cross check your car cause if this fits this opens new doors. So please share what you find.
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