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Actually, i went away for few weeks and since i came back, car starts every time but with rpms going up and down...

What i did so far;

Checked lines for cracks and possible vacuum leak
Reconnect ECU harness, TPS, MAP and MAF sensor, O2 pre cat sensor, temperature sensor, crank shaft sensor and any possible connectors i could see...
I cleaned throttle body
Checked PCV valve
Checked ground from battery to the engine

My next step;

Just ordered OEM spark plugs, intake and throttle body gaskets.

BTW. All this happened about month or two after tune up (from some local shop)

Edited; i was reading somewhere, that over tightened intake manifold and throttle body can cause some leaks and floating RPMs. 20ft lbs for manifold and 89ft lbs for TB...

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