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Do the math, CONSIDERING THE POWER fuel has in removing crap instantly it outweighs any price cut you could get on a simple soap. As long as you consider the surface material you are using it on, some plastics will easily melt using it. The bigger the job the whopping more time you save.

I once used it to remove graffiti sprayed all over my new car with spraypaint, done by a neighborhood punk who I later saw to it was thrown in jail. He ruined all four doors and hood and trunk. I used fuel and the added paint was 100% gone in less than 20 minutes. Paint and clearcoat not hurt at all and the finish lasted for years after that. The kid did it at night and I had it cleaned up by early morning, in time to go past him standing at the bus stop for school. His eyes almost bugged out of his head at seeing the car clean of all paint and the reaction clued me in for sure that he had done it. He already had a bad rap in the neighborhood and a month later I turned him in to police as the arsonist of a building down the block.......problem solved.

I used fuel to remove tar off even brand new motorcycles with fancy paint/decal jobs for years, nothing else works nearly so fast.

Try that with a soap..........wasting your time. I'm assuming as with all things one considers his time as worth something, I value mine at $30/hr. and I go WAAAAYYY past that in the real world, making hundreds an hour in almost everything I do.

Why you think before you attack the work. I often recover any fuel left over from cleaning to save and use it again on say more gross cleaning work like dirty car parts, making the fuel half cost. Like using used oil for the chainsaw bar or the oil can, or the lawn mower. Petro distillate is too expensive to not use at least twice if you can before junking it.

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