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Originally Posted by paul.siu View Post
A lot of discussion on this forum are centered on upgrading components or the car. This is all well and good, but what about improving the driver? Are there ways where someone can improve their driving? Most driving course usually involve safety, but one would expect course on handling would be different.

I remember a post from someone (this is decades ago) on a "duel" on the road between a Honda Civic and a Porsche over some really windy road. The civic driver indicated that on a straight away, the Porsche blows him away but on the curvy road, he was able to bank on his difference in driving skill to outrace the Porsche.

Get rid of the DUMB auto commercials on T.V....................Jeeps climbing mount Everest................Dodge showing cars driving like maniacs on city streets.................Cadillac suv doing 60 mph in the snow on on a mountain road. Young drivers today tend to emulate what they see on t.v., and end up in the grave. Ever notice how many Jeeps are involved in roll over accidents.........usually an aggressive driver taking a curve too fast in his or her all terrain vehicle!!!!!!!
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