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Got it run!

90% of TB relearning videos are useless !

This is how i did it:

Turn ignition ON for 2 sec, turn OFF for 10. Than do it again, 2 sec ON, than OFF 10 sec.

After that;

1, let vehicle turned OFF for at least 10 sec

2, turn ignition ON and count 3 sec

3, right after depress accelerator pedal 5 times (in 5 sec)

4, count 7 sec and than press accelerator and hold it.

5, while holding, watch Check engine light. Should flash several times and than start flashing quicker. Still hold the pedal until solid Check engine light and start the engine in 3 sec.

Car start right up. RPM was going up and down for about 10-15 sec, than got back to normal idle (about 750rpm).

Turn the engine and have a glass of vine 😂
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