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Originally Posted by Alfresco View Post
To all my fellow 50+ years drivers, what have we learned that lets us be comfortable driving a Versa, the least expensive car on the market? I'm guessing that it's not economic necessity, though for the price of three Versas you could have a fairly nice Camaro. Dollar value or low tech? Perhaps it is the readable owners manual...
I used to rebuild sports cars along with other fine cars. 1960 Alfa Giula, MGA1600, Datsun SPL310, Austin Healy 3000 "four seater", Sterling (imported by Cadillac). Refurbished, repainted , and then I found myself acting like a mother hen over an egg. When I went somewhere, I would park in the furthest spot in the lot so the car would not get dinged by another vehicle. Tried never to drive it in the rain and get it all wet and messy. In the end, the cars I rebuilt OWNED me rather than the other way around. Not so with my 2012 Versa sedan. not too complicated, and I keep it clean, well maintained, and do not obsess over where to park it or if the weather is bad. It has been dependable, gets me from point A to point B, and I am not obsessed with taking care of it. The thought of plunking down 30-60 grand for a new anything does not appeal to me from a standpoint of once again obsessing over where to park it, having people wipe their feet before getting into the car, and a host of other "concerns"!!!
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