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Like others I do lots of my own work on my vehicles and have for the last 25-30 years. I too could afford to to have a bigger, nicer, more expensive car but it's going to wear out just like the cheap ones. I'd rather wear out a $10K car than a $50K one. I too drove Fords for years before buying this Versa. I had an '88 Escort that I bought in '93 with 146K miles when I finally retired it a few years years ago it had 518K miles, was still running and had never had the head off of it. It just needed more work done to it than I wanted to put into it to keep it dependable so I finally decided to retire it. Over the past several years it has became a hobby with me to see just how many MPG I can get out of a gallon of gas and I know that's not going to be big number with a luxury car with a V8 although they do much better than they did in my younger days when I used to drive cars with V8's.
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