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I'm 56. I bought a base model 2018 Versa because I wanted a reliable vehicle with low cost.

I drove across the country 3 times in 2017, before I got my Versa. My 1987 Subaru GL died on my way from Oregon to New Jersey. Okay, can't blame Subaru for that because the car was 30 years old. I had to rent a car from Ogden UT to NJ. The good thing was that I was stuck in Ogden, which is a nice place to be stuck in. Bad thing was the trip cost me about $1500 more than I planned on AND I had no vehicle of my own after that.

Then I had another Subaru, 2002 Outback, die on me just after I got back to Oregon. I thought Subaru was a good brand, but found out the 2002 Outback was designed to last 100k miles before needing new head gaskets, and that's exactly what happened, and the body rust made it not worth saving. No more Subarus for me. At least it got me back to Oregon, but not good enough for me to buy another Subaru.

Reliability is very important to me right now, and historically Nissan delivers. A relatively uncomplicated car is great. I don't care whether it looks impressive or not, so that permits a Versa :^) Good gas mileage. I'll spend my money on other things and enjoy my low-cost Versa. Happy to have a vehicle I can count on, and peace of mind.
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