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By now both my Focus cars would have already broken several (5-10 each one) incidental parts. The Versa hasn't, only crap bulb holders and fixed and a plastic piece of outrigger trim came off and fixed so it wouldn't again. By broken on the Fords I mean BROKEN, as in pieces, at flaws that were engineered to do just that. I love the 3 bolt plastic stat housings that are a 4 bolt pattern but missing one bolt to obviously leak quick right where that bolt is 'not present'.

The only real Nissan grouse I have is that the CV axles seem to wear out far faster than Ford ones, which generally last the life of the car. These are obviously dying at 100K miles, both the outer ends are dead even though the boots are fine. On an ATX car not driven hard at all. That says crap heat treating and substandard steels used to me. Something I have b-tched about with Japanese product (motorcycle) before, they heat treat lesser steels instead of beginning with good quality ones like the OEMs do over here (or used to anyway). The case hardening barely goes past the surface of the part and once worn past it the parts wear like lightning after that.

I worry about the crap plated engine block a little but the thicker oil used since car was new has likely taken care of that. Engine burns virtually zero oil.

Need to get off my duff and add an engine temperature gauge and go to an aircooled trans cooler to avoid cracking the rad internal one to dump fluid into radiator like so many do. I'd like to add fan 1 and fan 2 idiot lights along with an actual a/c cycling light like I did on the Focus cars, it is quite helpful when the cooling issues pop up.
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