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X2 post #6 , the Jeeps have a recall on almost 100% of them in one way or another. Lots bought the Ram trucks too but then the complaints let fly. All the guys I knew said they would never buy one again. When I did parts there for a while Ram trucks were one of my biggest incentives; they broke left and right. They break all sorts of parts that traditionally do not break in the Ford or GM trucks. And, Chrysler is the king of max effort to fix minimum parts, I hated them the most when I did garage work back in the '70s. Any 3 step repair turns into 10 on a Mopar. They pioneered things like yanking intake manifolds to change spark plugs or thermostats. They always designed engines much bigger and heavier than other brands to take up needed repair space. Yet the engines lasted no longer. We used to laugh at the size of say 440 pistons, calling them 'syrup buckets', and noting the engines made 100 more hp simply to keep the excess weight turning. Look at the modern Challenger, it's still huge for a 2 door car and like the old one, a 500 pound overweight boat anchor. Why they never ran with the hot ponycars of yesteryear unless they had the 100 cubic inch bigger motor.

Fiat just like with Chrysler was trying to buy/bluster their way to fame and enlargement, they are not good enough to build their way there. They bit off too much with this last one though, the overbullsh-tting did them in. The asking of a 2.8 billion cash payment extra, that took some macho, but no balls behind the macho to back it up.

X2 on last post, Nissan getting itchy as Renault keeps hinting at taking them over 100%, and why Nissan bucked this deal, to show who really has the power. Renault caught Nissan on the low just like Fiat did Chrysler, that low though did not last. At some point Nissan is going to flip and buy Renault out, then dump them if they are smart. If there is one thing the Japanese loathe it is foreign interference.They made a deal with the devil and will be brushing up on exorcism techniques.

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