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I could always be wrong but it doesn't happen very often. Why the first thing to do like always is to run for codes.

I just diagnosed another as CVT on another website and the dealer confirmed it, the video given there was identical. That's after another about a month ago.

Just cured another doing that by simply adding fluid to it, the hydro circuits were running out of fluid during the ramp up in car speed. The guy had removed the drain-to-level plug and then forgot to put it back in, the car moving about then threw enough fluid out to then be low on fluid even though the standpipe fixture was still in place.

CVT can slip/jerk in 500 different ways, there is no set rule in how it has to happen. The whine often complained about later in life is slip, the chain slipping say a tooth or so every revolution, the 'racheting' then makes the whine. New fluid sometimes makes it disappear. Or shortly after the true slipping begins. Take note the OP mentions jerking too, more likely CVT than fuel simply running out. The chain suddenly grabbing again jerks the car. A resumption of power due to fuel pressure coming back is not so abrupt. In this case the pulley could be sticking at a certain point and the stepper motor just keeps trying to push it past that point as it is commanded to do so. The pulley slide bearings stick first then seize up solid and how a lot of them tear up. The pulley load is around 800 psi.

If fuel pressure is enough to at least start and run then under load the engine typically misses then drops out all at once, I see none of that there. It'd pretty rare for fuel pressure to be so there then not there as to simply have the engine rear up and down perfectly clean in rpm, usually there is a falloff and the miss happens in that. Pushed harder the engine should die if it is fuel pressure, he did it repeat times there but no dying. Not impossible to be a pressure issue though, just unlikely to me.

Versa should have a hole under rear seat to change fuel pump from above, mine does ('11). Tank stays in place.

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