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Originally Posted by dardack View Post
2016 versa note, almost 60k miles. Recommend change and warranty ends. I just called dealer, said I couldn't get CVT Fluid Filter, Fluid Filter cover, Transmission filter (there is none, no there is a strainer inside the pan), don't drop the pan.

I mean normally I would drop pan, clean the magnets inside, clean the pan, replace gasket, replace filter. I know it's just a strainer inside and the filter is external, but the service manual says filter cover is not to be reused.

So what do y'all do? Just a drain/fill twice (maybe drive a bit and do the 2nd one after a bit of driving)? Anyone drop pan, clean, new gasket and everything like I'm saying.

I mean the dealer is like the CVT isn't serviceable and you don't need to change the CVT fluid. Um dude your own service manual says 30k harsh (which TBH I should have done at 30k cause their harsh is like normal driving it seems) and 60k normal driving.

Give this a look and see if it gives you ideas. Personally I would let the dealer take care of it but that choice is up to you. Good luck!!!

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