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Originally Posted by caraudioguy View Post
I noticed the steering wheel before didn't have radio controls. Did the new wheel audio controls work or did you have to run any wires? And do you know if you can just get the audio controls and put them on the steering wheel?

Thanks for your help
From my understanding the 07-08 are more then likely to be pre-wired for audio controls. Starting in 09 they are not. Mine is an 09 and comparing the plug from the old and new steering wheel they are the same, and the wires that where missing in the old plug I took out of the new plug and popped them into the old plug. Now the plug is full of wires and plugged right in the clock spring. The wiring is my next step. Haven't done it yet. It looks like the clock spring has it together, and I think I know where the wires come out of the clock spring and to the radio, but I waiting for confirmation to know that's the right plug. As far as just the buttons, most people are selling the whole wheel cause the cruise and audio connections are on one plug and you would have to cut the wires. So they sell the whole wheel instead. Plus it's leather wrapped too!! I got mine for $100.

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