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Originally Posted by lovesaga View Post
58 degrees is freezing to where I live.
Weather from
Feels Like
and we have hotter days.
only Humidity: 55% today.

and you guys get horrible mpg's with you versa. I will be driving pretty bad and shifting pretty high and usually at least get like 300 miles. I get are 330 miles on a tank with 1 or 2 gallons left. My best tank was 400 miles with more to go.
400 miles my car was stock
330 miles with gas in tank is AEM CAI and Stillen axleback exhaust
Just wanted to share some statics cause it is interesting.

Ya to us though this weather is okay, we've seen alot WORSE!
I don't get bad mileage here, but it isn't the greatest. Last night I filled up, I still had about a quarter tank left, and I had 480km on the tank. I usually get over 500 km per tank which is a combination of highway/city driving; not too bad.

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