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i dunno if i should make another thread about clay bars because i just finished cleaning my sisters rav4 with driwash well not actually finished lol i got lazy and didnt really do the roof :P shhhh dont tell her lol... my sister doesnt wash her car nor wax it... she only brings it to the car wash place once every six month i think lol... so heres what i noticed the clear coat is full of impurities because its very very rough on the skin lol... so i used dri wash and watched it dissolve the dirt putting it in a kinda liquid state as i wipe it the dirt came off easily only problem is it feels rough and i though it was scratching but it wasnt :P so after doing the whole car i used mothers clay bar and detailer spray and did the whole side of the car lol not the roof :P i was amazed how much smoother it became after using the clay... then i put on another coat of dri wash and it became brighter :P

in conclusion: if you dont wash your car nor wax it at least use a clay bar after you do your first through wash then apply a coat of wax... please wax your car at least every 3~6 months lol...

items i used:
Dri wash n guard
mothers clay bar kit
turtle wax interior care "i even used it on the plastic trim around the car"
6 micro fiber towel
1 hour labor time

No garden hose, sponges, brush, buckets, soap, wax, water ^_^v
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