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Transformers 3!

So.. If anyone's seen the movie, you know its full of GM cars! As well as upcoming cars. As you may remember

Transformers 1 was the new Camaro Concept

Transformers 2 the twins! They were the Spark (other names Trax and Beat), which is over seas, was supposed to be stateside but it looks like the Sonic is coming instead.

and the Volt!

Well for the 3rd one, GM didn't let down! Here's a clip of Bumblebee with a glimpse at the next one, the 50th Anniversary edition of the Corvette Stingray Concept!

Follow the link to the video!
New Chevrolet – Transformers 3 TV Spot! « Red River Chevrolet

Besides the cars, who's gonna see the movie? I think I'm gonna wait for it to be out on DVD before seeing it

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