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holey smokes man, I feel like after doing that im ready to do my third engine swap... until i remembered everytime i have done an engine swa[ in the past I end up going way to fast and crashing into things that make me sore and my trucks no work after that. But maybe i will have better luck with a V i think they make superchargers for the Mr20!!! you should do that, I would but everytime I have had a supercharger I end up wrecking into things that make me hurt, and my superchargers no work after that.

Ive had better luck with turbo's Ive had 4 turbo's with no problems you should put a turbo in that monster... I would but im afraid it might make me sore if you know what I mean

Im glad that your engine swap was for a mature reason and not to have a super secret super fast vehicle Trust me engines swaps in the hands of the wrong person (me), are bad!!

Engine swaps for the right reason (you), are good!

sorry im ranting I got off work early and found that my 5 hour works longer than 5 hours when you dont use the energy for something.

Great job!!! you brought back fond memories from my teenhood!!! and also some trauma too but thats ok, it reminds me of the lessons I learned on my own!!!

Keep up the great work Versa Bro!!!!
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