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Wide Angle Anti-glare BLUE HEATED side mirrors??

Guys, I've been doing some research on putting anti glare mirrors on LBJ. I came across a couple of different sellers. I found some with LED's built in, but I really don't want the LED's, just the anti glare feature. I found one seller ( first link), that has what looks like HEATED mirror built in, with wide angled, and water repellent.

I know the Tiida and Versa mirrors are very similar, but this one looks a little different at the curve than the versa.The other two links, the mirror glass looks identical to the versa. I like the first one a lot. This would be a cool mod, especially for U.S versa owners without heated mirrors. What do you guys think? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

1st link Emailed the guy on how much a set cost with shipping (waiting for reply)
Wholesale TAIWAN 3D perspective double curvature blue rearview mirror for NISSAN TIIDA,4S INN service,40% DHL logistics

2nd link $103 shipped ( I emailed him)
Nissan Latio Blue Side Mirror w LED Signal (Kuala Lumpur, end time 7/3/2012 200 PM MYT)

3rd $90 shipped
Turn signal LED Mirror NISSAN TIIDA , LATIO,VERSA 06-10 | eBay

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