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The most FAQs for the general section

This thread is to help members for the most asked questions on the site as a one stop search.
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Q: What is the best CAI for the Versa?

A: Alot of members use AEM for their Versa. There are other brands such as Fujita, NISMO and Takada. The designs are the same, but wield slightly different resultsin horse power increase. Read some reviews online and decide for yourself.
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Q: Will modifying my car void the warranty?

A: It will not void the warranty unless the dealership can prove otherwise. Lets say you modify your suspension with aftermarket springs and the struts break within the warranty period and you bring your car to the dealer. They won't cover you for that.
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Q: What is the wheels bolt pattern?

A: 4x114.3 is the bolt pattern for the 2007-2012 Versa.
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Q: Can I install bigger wheels on the Versa?

A: Yes, make sure the bolt patterns match the size made for the car.
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Q: What is the difference in models from the 2007 to 2010

A: The 2007 through 2008 offered the sport package with addictional exterior colors. 2008 through 2009, has back lit steering wheel controls. 2010+ has stabililty control, traction control, redesigned front grill, instrument gauges, new seat patterns. The 2011 offers new exterior color choices (Espresso Black, Arctic Blue, Metallic Blue).
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Q: Is there a turbo kit offered for the Versa?

A: It is currently in production on Should released in the near future but TBA right now.
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Q: The check engine light came on, how do I turn it off?

A: Make sure to disconnect the negative terminal battery, and left it disconnected for 5 minutes. Reconnect the batter terminal and the CEL will go away.
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Q: Is there an easy way to cancel the TPMS light with aftermarket wheels without it?

A: The best way is to cover the light with black electrical tape beneath/over the clear plastic to keep yourself from being distracted.
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Q: What is the difference between the 1.6 liter engine and the 1.8?

A: There is a 16HP difference between the two engines. Essentially, if you wanted a more powerful engine, you would purchase the 1.8

Note: If there are any other questions/answers that are missing, feel free to reply in the thread and they will be added.

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