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Ive currently been using mcguires ultimate wash and wax and i got to say its kept my car freaking smooth and shineyn like yours. ever since I bought it though i noticed hard black goop in the back bumper and parts of the car. I figured this was something I'd have to pay a few hundred bucks to get detailed but realise now this all they do. They would clay bar it, swirl remover, and wax it and charge me half a grand. hahaha.

I've used 1 bucket so far and have been blessed with no swirl marks. It must be the meguiars I'm using thats kept me lucky. I spray my microfiber sponger with this cool power hose attachment i got to conserve water when i can actually see sedimentation.

Is it true cleaning the roof first and around the sides top to bottom prevents damage? I've trusted that method because people say dirt sticks to the lower part of your vehicle.

Recently I've been washing 1 panel at a time with a grand finale rinse. My hose attachment builds up water pressure and releases it as a pressure washer, mist, shower, or anything in between. not one of those squeeze the handle ones but it twists to unlock and lock. Almost like a spark plug lol. I'll take a pic of it next time I'm out there detailing which I hope is tomorrow.
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