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Rockin the Stock Rims (no hubcaps)

Well for those of you that didnt know i recently got my hub-caps stolen off my versa, so right now ive been driving around on the stock steel rims that have the powder coat black matte paint. Well after glossing them up and no luck i finally found a trick to make them look semi decent!
1) water
2) old Rag
3) clean rag
4) WD40 or Brake Clean
5) drying wrag or polishing rag

1) Spray rim with water
2) take an old rag and just get everything off the surface and make clean
3) take a can of WD40 (OR BRAKE CLEAN WD40 WORKS BETTER) and a lighter....(JUST KIDDING DONT DO THAT)
but no take the can and spray it around the rims on all the surfaces and take your clean polishing rag and wipe and rub it in almost like waxing your rims with the WD40 or Brake clean.
4) step back and enjoy that shine.


whats nice about this is it also makes a nice layer to help make clean up of your rims easier next time... I use this trick on my frame on my jeep i spray it because it makes a layer and makes the mud easier to spray off and i decided to try it on my rims to make them shiny and it worked!


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