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Harness Bar-Any Interest?

So now that we're working on getting seat brackets for aftermarket seats, another thing I'd like to see is a bolt-in harness bar so that we can attach harnesses for auto-x/track use (it is not safe--or legal--to use harnesses without a full cage/roll bar)

My question to you guys-Who would be willing to buy one of these? I'm looking into something that would bolt into the 2 bolts that hold in the top mount for the seat belt. If you remove the B pillar trim You can take out the sliding piece for the seat belt height adjustment and both of these bolts are accessible so that you could just take it on and off whenever you wanted. I'll try and take some pictures later so you guys can see what I'm talking about a little better, but basically it'd just be a simple system. You'd have a spacer to clear the trim, bracket that goes back so the bar can go behind the seats, a bar going across, and then 2 braces going down to the floor for bracing. Like this:

IAG Performance: SPARCO HARNESS BAR SUBARU WRX 02-06 SILVER, Accessories, 30017S

Only difference is instead of 1 bolt hole in the bracket there'd be 2

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