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Why you shouldn't buy a rental car

My 07 Versa sedan has been in the shop the past couple of weeks recovering from a rear end collision. Enterprise brought out a '12 Versa S Hatch. It is black and has 27,000 miles. Here's what's wrong with the rental car.

1. Almost a quart low on oil.
2. Radio tune >> button doesn't work.
3. Radio power button pops out when you turn on/off the power to radio.
4. Cap on the master cylinder is missing.

Item 4 is disturbing. The color of the brake fluid is black. There is a small screen thing that fits down in the neck of the master cylinder. It is full of dead bugs and grit. The cap has obviously been missing for a long time. Brake fluid is hygroscopic and this fluid has absorbed a bunch of moisture. I base this on the color of the fluid, which is supposed to be basically clear. It won't be long before all of the major brake components start to fail. Things like the master cylinder, the caliper pistons, the wheel cylinders, will all have major issues in the future. Who ever is unfortunate enough to buy this car will have large dollar brake repair issues to deal with. Pure neglect.

The clock on the radio is an hour off. I looked in the owners manual to see how to reset the clock, and the radio in the car is not shown in the owners manual. The manual shows two other radios with very different controls. Odd.

Not much has changed in the five years of the Versa (not counting the new sedan). The few changes I have seen between the 07 and 12.

1. power locks automatically lock and unlock on the '12.
2. The little blue light on the dash that goes out when the engine warms up is gone.
3. Oil capacity has gone from 4.125 quarts down to 3.375 quarts based on what I read in the owners manual. That is not much oil in the crankcase.
4. Recommended tire pressure as shown on the door jamb has gone from 33 to 35 psi, for the exact same tire size.
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