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Preferred Products Thread

Creating this thread because there is so many products to choose from, as well as brands including Meguiar's, Armor All, Mother's, Turtle Wax, Nu Finish and more.

My personal preference to keep my '11 Versa Sedan nice and shiny would simply be.

Exterior Products
Shampoo/Soap- Meguiar's Gold Class Shampoo
Clay Bar- Mother's Clay Bar Kit
Polishing Compound- N/A
Polish- Meguiar's Ultimate Polish
Wax- Meguiar's Ultimate Wax Caranuaba Finish
Trim Cleaner*- Mother's Back to Black Trim Cleaner
Chrome Cleaner- N/A
Quick Detailer- Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer
Quick Wax- N/A
Tire Cleaner- Black Magic Tire Cleaner
Tire Shine-

Interior Products
Glass Cleaner- Invisible Glass
Protectant- Meguiar's Natural Finish
Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner- Armor All Carpet/Upholstery Spray
Leather Care- N/A

I picked up these products after I bought my Versa and wanted to get the cliched "Smooth As Glass" finish, I perfer these products listed above and I found that out of the other products I've used on other cars these where the best. With a 9 month old and frequent trips to the beach its a challenge to keep my Versa showroom looking.

As far as tools, I use a 5 HP Shop Vac and a Interior Brush, for my carpet, I like to brush then vacuum to get everything out, I do the "Brush-N-Vac" about four times or until atleast I'm satisfied. For seats and door panels I use believe it or not a lint roller before and after I use upholstery cleaner. Then I move on to the dash and trim with the protectant and I use All-Surface Cleaner for gauges. When I'm all done I use a micro fiber cloth to get all the lint and stuff off the dash and spray down the seats with Frebreeze and put dryer sheets under the seats.

Exterior I use just a bug sponge and a wash mitt, two bucket system and I purchased a large pack of terry towels for those hard to get places and those random special jobs. I wash them and keep em in a bag away from dirt and use them when needed, I start with the engine bay with some quick detailer (no need for any degreaser yet) remove any leaves and wipe down with some trim cleaner as well, its basically dusting. Then I clean the exterior like so with Wheels, Wash, Trim, Clay, Polish, Wax, Windows, Tire shine!

*On the Trim Cleaner, I've also seen people use tire shine for their trim, and I know for the window pillars on the Versa that the interior protectant is the best with a little quick detailer, just make sure not to get any on your windows!

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