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Cool DIY: 2nd gen. Versa Sedan Radio Installation

First - I haven't seen any other 2012+ Versa with single DIN radios I am assuming I am the first since there isn't even a radio install kit for it. Also, here is my DIY speaker installation.

Just for notes - I went through a HUGE ordeal with Scosche (in one of my threads) about how the radio installation kit said it fit 2012 Versa and it was guaranteed....when in fact it did not fit and they admitted that it had never even been tested on the sedan! What a joke! So, I got stuck with a kit for the 07-12 hatchback and I decided to make the POS work in my car. By no means is this an install that I am proud of......especially since I have installed many stereos in various cars. But, it will have to do until an actual kit comes out that is NOT crappy Scosche. This also is why this DIY isn't all that great......but good for people that need an aftermarket stereo in it.

Obviously here is the factory radio. I use a thin flathead screwdriver covered in a shop towel to insert between the trim ring on the dash. Then I gently shove it in and begin popping off the trim piece. (The seam is on top - you cant see it in the picture)

Here is the trim piece removed. There are now four screws you need to remove to take out the stereo.

Here is what you have when the radio is removed.

Here you can see why the previous kits do not work with the current Versa sedans. The large plastic piece on the left doesn't allow the installation kit to sit flush.

Working on all the

Time to do some cutting so the kit can slide past the plastic piece that prevents it from sitting flush

Almost fits

Also had to wallow out the hole in the kit because Scosche obviously uses cheap Chinese manufacturing.

Had to get my crappiest soldering iron out so I could get better contour the shapes, cut, and create a hole for the other side.

Looks AWFUL but it works.

Had to create this hole on the passenger side of the kit so it would sit flush

After this I tried doing a mock fitting and see if it would work. The problem is that that the sides on the top of the kit were too narrow for the stereo I was putting in. Therefore it wouldn't go in far enough into the dash. So, got the Dremel back out and cut off the tops. It would be better to cut even more off but I was running out of daylight and starting to get cold so this worked.

Because there are only 2 tiny screws that hold the walls of the kit to the pocket I decided to super glue it to make it one piece and placed painters tape to keep pressure on the super glue while drying.

It fits! MIRACLE! However, it is flimsy and definitely not super secure. All the wires are soldered and ready to go for the stereo.

FINALLY! After almost 4 months of having the wrong kit, dealing with crappy Scosche, and the crappy factory stereo I managed to get it all together to work! Tape will come off tomorrow. That is dust on the stereo not scratches. Also, hard to see in the pics but the blue stereo def brightens up the dash at night. Looks cool! Plus I have a pocket that I can put stuff in! YES!

I know, the kit doesn't look perfect but considering it wasn't made for my car and I got it to work I think it came out great! Again, this is simply my A-B car hence the cheap Insignia stereo. Next up will be installing the two speakers I have lying around since I have my speaker adapters. I'll get two more after that and maybe if I can get the funds will be a 10" or 12" sub.

Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY!

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