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Hi Skootcha, I am going thru the same thing as well. I was at a Nissan Dealership for Service and they recommended I get the CVT fluid change too, since I am at 117,000KM's.

Let me try to answer your questions based on what I found out:

1. light greenish, not dark, mostly clear. Yes if you have pink, that is probably what happened and someone topped it with regular tranny fluid. You should definately get it changed as Nissan will void the Canadian 8-Year 200,000KM warranty on the CVT if other than approved Nissan Fluid is used. (NS2)

2. I am not sure about colour change, however I was told it can get a bit darker with age and use. Red might be a colour, but I think it would be more grey/blackish from use.

3. Yes, stick with Nissan NS 2 or you void warranty and maybe create more problems with the CVT down the road.

4. The FSM recommends a 96,000KM interval (non-towing vehicles). In speaking with a Nissan mechanic, she said that it's really a recommendation since the CVT's are fairly bullet proof, hence why Nissan will give such an unusually long factory warranty on them. She's known some people who never replace the CVT fluid, others who do it at the recommend mileage or around it. There is really nothing to indicate a need for a fluid change other than Nissan plugging in their computer (Consult III) to pull the details on the CVT, like the fluid deterioration date, or test the fluid. This is a method for Nissan to gauge the life of the fluid. So the official party line from Nissan is to change it every 100,000KM's, however it is a recommendation, not a mandatory service.

5. As you have stated and I just did too, yes Nissan has a specific process for clearing CVT codes. I am not sure if a standard OBD2 scanner will clear a CVT code, especially dealing with the fluid. I think the 210K KM setting shows the fact that Nissan considers the fluid change a recommended service, rather than mandatory. However, I am personally leaning towards getting the fluid changed as I plan on driving my 2008 SL into the ground.

The service is expensive because the fluid is like $30 per litre, and you need about 8 litres for this service. One dealer quoted me about $350 CDN for this, so I am going to wait a couple more months and get it done later this year.

I hope I've given you some more information to consider as you obviously have done a good amount of research already.

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