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Saw is about a man John "Jigsaw" Kramer who was diagnosed with a type of cancer that was terminal. He attempted to commit suicide by driving his car off of a cliff and he failed. He had to pull metal out of his body to survive and only than did he stop taking his life for granted.

After this event he decided that he needed to teach people the lesson of life. His theory is that "you can only appreciate life once you have experienced a near death experience." He starts to put people in this odd traps where they have a CHANCE to live but they must sacrifice something to save their life.

Ex: In the 5th installment a man is strapped to a table under a pendulum that will cut him in half. In order for him to get out he must shove both of his hands in this device that breaks them or cuts them off (I can't remember which) and than he will be released from the table. is offline  
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