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System Too Lean - P0171 - CEL

Nissan Versa 1.6L 2011 Sedan - 50,000miles

Hey guys,

New here but, I figured the people that might have the best idea about whats going on would be other Versa drivers.

This has popped up a few times in the past month. I guess Ill tick off what I have done and maybe someone could help me with process of elimination.

System Too Lean - P0171
Type Powertrain -
Fuel and Air Metering -
ISO/SAE Controlled

Fuel trim - Bank 1 - mixture too lean
  • Wiring - ??
  • exhaust system - Possibly related below.
  • HO2S front - My hunch
  • fuel system - I seafoamed the engine and tank
  • Injector - See above and or I think I could tell if my injector was screwing up
  • MAF sensor - Blew this out with MAF cleaner. (There was a bug stuck in the sensor so I thought I had it, but it sure as shit came back on after about 20 miles or so following a reset.)
  • ECM - ??

The car runs completely fine, as it always has. Just getting this damn check engine light. Keep it maintained religiously. I'm thinking it might be the O2 sensors which would be fine to fix but I dont wanna buy em and then find out it was another issue.

Has anyone had this issue before? Any ideas on how I could whittle it down to the correct problem? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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If it were me, I would buy a MAF sensor from the local auto store and swap it out. Reset the CEL and see if it stays off. If not, be sure it is in perfect "non used" condition and return it. Most places dont take sensors back if there is any indication that it has been installed. On a side note, what did you clean it with? Sensors should only be cleaned with Electronic Cleaner spray.

If that didn't take care of the problem, I would go ahead and buy a cheap primary o2 sensor off eBay and see if that takes care of the issue. I got one for $14 for my wifes old Hyundai and it solved all the weird issues it was having. But, this was after doing multiple Seafoam treatments and replacing/returning a couple sensors.
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Jenkem Chic, i have this exact same problem, i changed 02 sensors, maf, pcv valve, ecu and cleaned injectors and i still have this issue.....did you fix yours? i can be reached at [email protected] or 18687402464
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Seeing as these cars use a wideband 02, they are not cheap. You need to diagnose it accurately. If MAF is off enough to cause continuous lean running condition, it will go into limp mode in a few miles/after warmup, so it's not that. We can eliminate the secondary O2 sensor as it cannot trigger this code, only P0420 and of course it's own monitored "High/Low Input" or typical "Slow Response" codes, but will not come up as "System Too Lean" because it is not used to control A/F. My bet is on the primary O2 if all you have done hasn't eliminated it. But you should get someone who knows what they're looking at to put a professional scan tool on it that has the ability to chart signals, or an oscilloscope.

Another rare oddity is a cracked intake manifold or crushed gasket from improper assembly at factory. But check the primary O2 for proper working before you check that.

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