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danli48888 05-20-2018 07:50 PM

Error Code P0500
Symptoms: Odometer not working. Speedometer not working. Cruise control no longer works. ABS light on, Brake light on, SES light on. (ABS has been down for over a year.)

Had computer scanned at Autozone and got P0500 Error Code - Vehicle Speed Sensor, but no parts suggested.

Checked on Youtube and found this one . The guy warned that it is not CVT transmission sensor but should be the VSS sensor. However, he was using Nissan Sentra as an example.

Couldn't find videos or articles online about Versa VSS. Google has many pictures but they are very different from the part the guy in the Youtube Video was showing.

My questions are
1. Does Versa use a similar part to Sentra?
2. What parts need to be replaced in Versa to fix the P0500 problem?

Thanks much in advance!!!

Cobb 05-21-2018 04:48 AM

Well, they dont really sell replacement parts. One option is to try a junkyard and remove various sensors to you see one like photo with a gear for your car. Most newer cars use the ABS sensors for cvt trannys to help regulate ratio for the cvt for power to the ground. This is why they say to unplug the abs unit to autocross or do a dyno pull. :surprise

ABS error could be various issues like a wheel sensor to the actual abs unit with the pumps and valves in it. Those normally do a self check when you start the car and check all the valves, pumps, etc before a code is generated. One reason you should religiously change your brake fluid in these newer cars.

versa122 05-21-2018 10:26 PM

If it is causing your ABS light to come on, it is more than likely a wheel speed sensor has gone bad as well. No idea what vehicle you drive but I would see if someone with a real scanner can pinpoint which wheel speed sensor it is. You can get them from $20-$60 online. Or, climb under the vehicle and see if one of the wires have been cut or whatnot.

Heres a link for other Nissans but im sure the versa is similar. If i had more time id check, but just go to a Nissan Parts website and find it for your vehicle.

Keith Wagner 05-22-2018 03:49 AM

With so many lights on, best bet at this point is take it to a shop and pay the diagnostic fees to have it looked at.
Otherwise you will be throwing money at the problem without getting it fixed.

danli48888 05-23-2018 02:49 AM

My car is 2007 versa. Last August I took it to a repair shop as the ABS light came on. They scanned the computer and found the driver side rear ABS sensor needed replacement. They replaced it, however, instead of making that sensor work, they brought my whole ABS module down saying no power to both rear ABS sensors and no ground to the left side. The ABS light has been on since them, but I didn't have other problems until last week. After searching online, I believe it is the speed sensor (VSS) that is causing all the lights to come on.

I looked up the VSS sensor that the guy shows in the video both on Auto Zone and Advanced Parts websites, but they both say it doesn't fit my car. I did find this output transmission speed sensor and both say it fits 2007 Nissan versa. So I've ordered it from I want to see if that is the problem. I'll give everyone an update no matter what the result is.

danli48888 05-28-2018 02:31 AM

Just an update - as Autozone said that the part the guy uses in the attached video doesn't match 2007 Nissan Versa and I've unplugged all 4 ABS sensors, I think the reason that the speedometer and the odometer are not working must have to do with another speed sensor. That was why I ordered the transmission shaft output speed sensor as I said. The part arrived pretty quickly and I replaced the old one this afternoon. Unfortunately, that didn't bring turn off any lights or bring the speedometer/odometer back to life.

Cobb 05-28-2018 03:11 AM

Did you own the car since new and this started? You could look for the VSS wire and see if it has a signal.

Have you flushed your brake system? Do you brakes feel like they work ok?

Keith Wagner 05-28-2018 07:07 AM

As I stated previously, pay a shop to have the car properly diagnosed.

Doing the "throw parts at it and hope it's fixed" method will get both very expensive and very exasperating very quickly.

Cobb 05-28-2018 11:56 AM

+1. Call around, some tire shops like Merchants do minor repairs like that or Midas mufflers.

Some out of work mechanics work for hire on craigs list if you use that.

Strange there are no other codes;

Brake lamp could be parking brake isnt fully released or low brake fluid.
SRS lamp, something with the air bag, module or connector.
Check engine lamp, thats a wild card could be anything from loose gas top.
ABS lamp, wheel sensor, module or actual pump module.

danli48888 05-28-2018 08:32 PM

I'm the second owner and I bought it in 2013. I've added about 70k miles since I bought it. It has been running very well even until the ABS light came on about a year ago. The SES light and the Brake light just came on about 3 weeks ago along with the odometer and speedometer stopped working. A scan at Autozone gave P0500 and P0455. I replaced the suggested canister purge valve earlier. And then replaced the output speed sensor. Neither has helped to restore anything so far.

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