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Clevor 07-08-2017 01:51 AM

I lived in Japan for several years and rented 600 cc cars on my travel trips (auto trannies only). The gas mileage on those things were phenomenal. I could go 200 km on $12 worth of gas. My favorite was the Nissan March (although that came with a 1000 cc engine I think and big fuel tank). I could go 600 km on a tank of gas. The later model Marchs with the CVT also had excellent power going up grades. I think the reason the Japanese car makers are not allowed to sell sub-1000 cc cars in the U.S. is that it would blow the MPG ratings out of the water! Where I live now those 600 cc cars would have adequate power and I could fill up gas once every two months!

And the cars in Japan are high tech. I've driven several rental cars which would shut the engine off at stoplights to save gas, and restart instantly as soon as you take your foot off the brake. Can you imagine that with the ole U.S. cars in the 60s with the distributors, points, and chokes on the carb??? You'd be sitting at the stoplight with the engine cranking away. If you don't like that feature, you can turn it off (it's usually called Eco-mode). Also the 'wandering beep' feature, where if you get too close to either side of the road, a warning beep would go off. And it was smart! If there was vegetation or brush next to the road, it wouldn't go off.

One reason I bought a Nissan Note is because I liked that car in Japan. Problem is, the U.S. version is nowhere as solid a car in build quality :frown.

matth3w 07-13-2017 03:57 PM

200KM/12$? Damn, that's impressive. I also heard opinions from my friend that works at DSRLeasing and where I actually intended to get a new nissan on lease, that sorry, but the quality in the US is much lower than Japan. It's not that I'm surprised, but still. Well, maybe I will wait for my Nissan until I get to live in Japan, but it will be a tough road :D

redscarlett 01-20-2018 02:59 AM

There is a web site call It covers the hold World of Automotive MPG. I'll will try log in 40 MPG as my combine mileage for the week. There are real world and real poser of MPG and LPKm. The Tilda has good number than I thought

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