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Post How I got my 2016 Versa S Sedan

Since Ive got a lot of PMs on how I got my car for 11,6 and how to get a good deal I decided to just post this. Its one way that I am sure can be tweaked, changed, criticized, etc.

First off, I didnt need another car, but wanted one. My previous car had problems and I was driving my moms mini van I purchased for her. It got 17-21 mpg. I was just going to wing it, but I was spending almost 200 bucks a month in gas. My previous car was a fourth of that. Having worked for a bank I know they wont loan money when you need it. Also bigger banks charge more interest and pay less on investments vs smaller or credit unions.

Second, I tried to not buy new and go used. I tried a few people I worked with who had a second or third car they no longer needed. Those deals fell through. I tried a few friends and online private listings. No luck.

So, checked my benefits where I worked for any deals. None, but my former job gave you 3 grand if you bought a hybrid or electric vehicle. I checked with my banks and found the interest rates, amounts and played with the calculator. My credit union had special deals and dealers they worked with.

I also checked with my AAA membership and AARP. They had some sites like trucar and kbb and such. Before you do this you may want to get a burner phone and email as to get the info you need a phone and or email address. Once you do this your information is sent to all the dealers in the area and prepare for calls, txt and emails.

After reviewing the info I had first settled on a Nissan Leaf as used ones were going for 12 grand. Due to the monthly payment this was my price range. After reviewing all the carfax I decided against the Leaf as they are from TX or GA both states had some flooding. The ford festiva came up, but Im not a ford fan.

I found some good info and that the versa s range was and a few other vehicles. One dealer sent me an invoice that it was 9,200. I took the bate and further investigates. The guy showed me a sentra. All was good til I saw the stick price was almost 20 grand. I asked him about the car he emailed me for 9.200. He didnt seem interested, but we did go to see and test drive it.

Despite the reviews online I thought it was nice driving and had good power and the 5 speed was easy shifting. It had more room than I expected too. When we sat down to talk numbers he was ready to play the numbers game. He was going to see what I wanted to pay monthly and change the interest and time frame to make it what I want. I told him I was going to go through my bank and need the bottom line.

I had the email that said 9,200 and a 500 dollar off coupon from in the mail. He dismissed those and showed me his new paper and some sample monthly payments at 4 years and different interest rates. If you multiply the monthly payment by how many months you get the total amount paid. I got anywhere from 13-15 grand.

We went back and forth and I was ready to leave. I went over the invoice and fees. Why am I charged this? Why do I need this? Is there anything you can do about it? He said they add 2300 to the base price of all cars for their fees. So it was about 5 hours later and I left.

I dealt with the other dealers and reviewed the deals on the credit union website and talked to the credit union. The credit union said there prices were it, nothing more should be charged extra. After talking to the other dealers I found they wanted more. After talking to another dealer found they add almost 3 grand to the prices on the credit union page.

Another guy from the same dealer who handles used cars kept calling me. Basically he could get me anything I wanted, but it was 20 grand used. Long story short he made like a 20% commission and wanted to make 400 bucks a sale. Tempting as some of the higher end vehicles were he could get me I wanted a 200 dollar monthly payment and paid off in a few years.

So, after 3 weeks of going around and calling dealers found one near where I lived that also sold kia, subaroo, etc. Of all their cars the nissan versa s was the cheapest. They had a 2015 model that was a hatch back. They wanted 13 grand. I came and saw it. Had a check engine light on, tpms light and 300 miles on the odo. I liked the car, but I wondered what those 300 miles were the result of?

So I expected to talk to the sales person but they seemed rushed to get my insurance info and get me into the car. So, after sitting bymyself for a while I decided to leave since I couldnt talk to the sales person. My cell phone was vibrating, but I do not answer it when driving. Got home and checked it to find out I left my wallet in the car.

So I go back there before closing and ended up talking to the salesmanager himself. We went back and forth and he came down to 12,5. I went online and further researched the hatchback and seems they are just more expensive.

In the end I went back to the very first dealer as the sedan was a cheaper car and test drove it a second time. Loved it and went to the credit union to get the check and pay for it.

Now if you want extras, gap insurance, warranty or search for better financing this is where you want to see the finance guy. Gap insurance and warranties are cheaper elsewhere. I got my warranty through my insurance company and pay as I go. If I got the nissan warranty they put it into the final amount and you pay interest on it as you pay off your car.

One last benefit, turns out the dealer offers free oil changes and state inspections. The other dealer offered oil changes for the first few years. So just ask, why, how much, out the door, etc.

Buying a car is such a game with any and everyone sticking their hand out trying to get a piece of the action. Hell, when I called to insure the car I was quoted several hundred dollars. Turned out I was quoted the full package including rental car, road side assistance, etc. I told the lady its an economy car for going to work and I just want full coverage. I did however talk the ext warranty.
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Reminds me of when I purchased my versa. It took about 4 or 5 hours and staying after closing time, but I managed to haggle the final price (including all taxes and dealer fees) to just around 10 grand. For a brand new car! Usually more reliable than new, and for a used car price. I was extremely satisfied, even though it did take my entire day and probably made my salesman and the finance manager hate me. (Salesman and I made eye contact when I went in for an oil change, he didn't even acknowledge me lol). Of course, this price meant shirking all of the added accessories such as pin striping, paint protection, extended warranty, etc. But that's what they get for including a $1000 dollar discount in the sale price that is only available to a random 500 people a month. Insurance cost only a $1.50 more per month than my previous car, which was 15 years older, and I got 3 free oil changes. (I'd rather do them myself, but hey, it's free, and will look better to Nissan if I ever have to do a warranty claim.) I guess, sometimes deals that are too good to be true sometimes aren't!

At least it has power mirrors. :^)
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My advantage was that I had a functional car so I did not need to buy a new car just wanted to. This allowed me to monitor prices and sales of the 2016 base sedans for three months leading up to my purchase.

I did not and do not work with salespeople any more than what is required to finish the purchase. What that means is I do all my own research at home via the internet until I know the car better than any normal salesman I will meet. I figure out what options (if any) I am going to require and what colors are acceptable and so on all done ahead of time. Then I start monitoring the online inventory of all dealerships within 250 miles until I find the one I want in stock at a price I accept. (In this case was monitoring nissan dealerships of course).

While hawking their inventory I also explore the dealerships themselves a little to learn more about them. Good ones will try hard to set themselves apart from others and I ran across one particular nissan dealer who tries to make their particular dealership special by offering free lifetime powertrain warranty on all new nissans they sell there. So this dealership is offering to cover the mechanical aspects of the car beyond the factory warranty for free, for as long as I own the car. This dealership immediately went to the top of my watch list, although I continued to monitor others. The top dealership had two base S versa's in stock that were colors I liked (black and graphite blue), stickered at 11,498.

Eventually corporate nissan threw down a $1500 rebate on select 2016 stock which included the versas, which brought the sale price of the two cars I was looking at to 9,998. At that exact point, the day after that rebate broke news, I grabbed a backup driver and hopped in a car and scooted my tush straight to that dealership.

So at this point I already know everything there is to know about the car. I have been monitoring inventory online so I know they have two of the exact car I want. I also know at this point this is the cheapest the car is probably going to get since I have been researching and monitoring prices for three months. With this information and a couple thousand bucks cash in-pocket, the time spent at the dealership is pretty sort. It takes about an hour to explain that you know exactly what you came for, blaze through the paperwork, and get out.

Buying a car this cheap and this directly they don't even ask me if I want clear-coat protectants or underbody coating or dealer-brand scotchguard on the seats. The trick is to go in and drive the idea into their heads that you know what you've come for, you know what the price is, you want it, you have cash, lets do it and move on. The salesperson appreciates having a quick easy sale (usually), so its a pretty painless process.

Just keep an eye on the paperwork. I printed out the webpage with the sale price showing the exact VIN for the exact price. I told them as long as you honor this we are going to have a sale today. No funny business, no extra handling or destination tacked on when we get to finance. I accepted sales tax, registration fees, and a very small sum they allocate to dealership paperwork filing cost, and that was it. The finance guy said this was the first time in the 5 years he had been there that he had seen a new car sneak out the door under the 10k mark.

Obviously the tax and registration put me a little over 10k out the door but the price listed for the car itself remained at 9,998 throughout all paperwork so I fudge it a little and tell people "Yeah I got this car brand new for under 10 grand".

Although there are some limitations to the free lifetime warranty they gave me I'm still glad to have it. This way if I decide to keep it for years and drive it into the ground they are obligated to cover a few of the mundane types of things it may need later in life like CV axles or bearings or power steering hoses, etc. I also got free oil changes for two years.

All in all not bad for the money spent, I've already made a few improvements such as soldering a bluetooth music module into the radio and installing a remote start and alarm system, prewired for power door locks once I get time to take the door panels off and install some actuators. With a couple of those creature comforts in hand I've got all I need for a basic ride to work and back every day for the next however many years. Any long trips we take my fiancee's tricked out turbo civic and anything I need to haul I pull out my 14 MPG SUV so its not like this car goes far or does much except going to work, should be able to make it last and keep it nice (knock on wood!).

To anyone else looking at a new car, thats my two cents you really don't need a salesperson for anything if you are willing to do the research ahead of time and just spend a couple minutes every couple days monitoring local inventory and prices. If you have to buy a car right now because you have nothing to drive its a little different. The only two ways I know of to score a sweet deal like I got on my car is to have either a) lots of luck on your side, or b) lots of time to monitor price and inventory and cash sitting in pocket so you can move fast when the right deal finally comes around.

Good luck to anyone still hunting for their car!
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Originally Posted by arudlang View Post

I did not and do not work with salespeople any more than what is required to finish the purchase.

... drive the idea into their heads that you know what you've come for, you know what the price is, you want it, you have cash, lets do it and move on. The salesperson appreciates having a quick easy sale (usually), so its a pretty painless process.
Like everything you wrote. Did the same things, recently: one worked out (junior "turnover" salesman - in his 20s), the other not (salesman in his 40s or 50s). The one place played their process, games, and lies, but did sell. Stuck with resolve, and it paid/worked. That day, we were the only ones in the place also. The other place wouldn't sell. They said they could make more money selling to someone else. They turned down a rapid cash sale, for a car they had. They even did their process/game where they brought the car from the lot to the front door, just feet from the transaction. Wasn't influenced by that, but did notice. The sale couldn't have been simpler/shorter for them. And as it happens, this was during a winter storm period, where nobody was going out on the roads; only 1 other customer made it to that place that day; thought that would have helped (as I looked around the place), not having business for several days there; but, it didn't; it was their business model, greed; left (and won't go again). Contacted a different place out of state; did everything over the phone; bought from them; they got the cash.
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Wow, arudlang. Remind me to not cross your path. Your day job must be a PI or something?

Guess I need to get your help with I go for a 4wd or awd pick up truck that seats 5 for under 50 grand?

Yeah, I went to look at a gen 2 prius back in 08 and I got a rude salesman. I wanted package 2 and was willing to pay sticker 21,5. They said they could discount the top of the line model, but bottom line was like 29,5 grand. Then the salesmanager came over and asked me what my problem was as the sales person was trying to make a sale and I was holding him up.

No dice, I drove off in my old car. They gave me the runaround to find where they parked it and then offered 500 off the prius. I told them 21,5 for package 2 or else. They said good bye and pointed me to my car.
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