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Lightbulb Convince me to buy a Versa? reliability?

let me start off by saying,

I really dont know much about the versa, I read about it online and everyone seems to tear it apart on other forums and websites. They say the style is bland and the car works but doesn't drive as well. They say its too cheap to be reliable.

so here is my situation,

I graduate from my University in about 6 months, right now im working part time and not making much. between classes, volunteering(required for school), and work im only making a whopping $650 a month. hopefully that will all change after i graduate, but for now thats the number that im rolling with.

My current whip, im driving a 1999 Buick Lesabre(limited). Its nickname is the "Tactical Buick". It only has 120,000 miles but that doesn't stop it from having a billion problems. I have coolant disappearing. Last time i did my oil change and oil looked odd, it had a white steam to it and was a little milky looking. Great, so now some kind of gasket is going. This is just the latest problem, i wont even dare to get into the other issues, but its second nickname is probably "RUSTamus Prime".

Im starting to have to drive all over the state for interviews(graduating soon remember?). And im only going to be getting more and more travel in. I cant keep borrowing the girlfriends car all the time, so yeah at this point im looking at getting a new vehicle.

Why am i interested in the Versa(Versa S), to be honest its the price. Id like to get a newer one, as new a possible, maybe even brand new if that works out well. When i have to borrow my girlfriends car im stuck driving a 2008 hyundai accent(2 door hatch, BABY BLUE color, and stick shift). Yeah of course there is a nick name, my boss calls it the "jelly bean". I get a lot of crap from everyone when i drive it but you gotta do what ya gotta do right? I have no problem squeezing into that thing how ever id prefer something larger like the versa. I dont mind the basic amenities, i dont minds the basic driving experience, as long as it works id be happy.

I drive less than 10,000 miles every year. I drive basically every day but i always live so close to work or school than i never really tack on miles. My only long trips are to go to some barren frozen siberia like town for an interview, or the 2 times a year that i drive back down to detroit(400 miles 1 way) to see the folks for a holiday or something.

Any way now you know where im coming from, now my question for all of you is have you had any major mechanical failures? and would you recommend the versa? i would hate to get a 11,000 dollar loan out only to have a transmission or other major failure go out 4 years later and i still owe a few thousand on it. can i get 10 years or 100,000 miles out of this car?

I hear of many transmission issues with this car, however i only hear of it on the CVT transmissions. I plan on getting the S model(stick) anyway.

Another problem i heard of was bushings falling apart in the salt belt. Michigan(yeah im a michigander) is obviously in the salt belt.

I also heard some people had rust spots on the body on a brand new car?

I really want something more reliable than my tactical buick. I am sick and tired of battling northern michigan rust. I thought if i get a nissan versa, it will be cheaper. If its cheaper i can getter a newer or new vehicle. If i have a newer or new vehicle the rust cant be that bad can it? should i under coat it?

Open to your suggestions. Thanks ahead of time for your input.
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I have 4k on my 2017 versa s. I love it. My other car, a 2015 Lancer SE (awd) kills me on gas and insurance since I drive 110 miles a day. I would never get a new car more then 15k ever with bad mpg. I am happy with the mpg ( remusrm's Profile | Fuelly ) . Also you might consider a Mitsubishi Mirage, is a bit better on gas but is a tad smaller if you get a good deal on it.
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Very cool cvt transmission ... to save fuel !

Easy to fix with low cost ...

reliability not to bad

On highway, lateral wind effect it not absent ...

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Ive had infinitis and Nissan in the past, one was an 2008 Altima which I rode to 100k+. Both cars were extremely reliable and never gave me problems. I would never buy a new car unless it was something very special, buying a used Versa is the way to go. Youll save a ton of money and there's a lot of Versa with low miles.

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I got my hatchback brand new in 2011 and paid it off late last year. I'll be hitting 100k miles before my next oil change and haven't had any significant problems at all. I don't know about the newer models but mine is bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. When I went car shopping, I knew I didn't want a red car or an automatic. Long story short, I now drive a red automatic and despite that I'm still very satisfied with it. Like VersaQuebec mentioned, it does get pushed around a little bit at highway speeds especially if the wind is blowing. And an undercoating is always recommended in the rust belt. If you don't you're just asking for trouble. Overall I would recommend the Versa as a good value.
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My reason was how much can a car of this price depreciated? Second, its nice and roomy for the money. Its not the typical eco car inside like those of the past. I came from a 2010 honda insight to save fuel and those have engine problems. Plus they cost 23 grand fully loaded. Hondas are expensive and I had drinked the coolaid looking at civics and accords.
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versa nissan buy reliable

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