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Doesn't matter what model they call it, you need to be able to buy a bottom dollar car with zero frills. They claim they can't make it. Bullsh-t. It just would have to price a bit higher, but the issue is that the corporations do not want profits below certain points now and those points are now utterly ridiculous.

I in my last 'real' job printed financials for major corporations. The profit levels they now want because Clinton let the banks into stocks to be on every BOD has warped things in incredibly dangerous ways. I saw like restaurant chains who CLOSED brand lines that made under 100% profits, they think the stores don't make enough money. And other crazy things. Whatever happened to the business school training that said if you beyond all costs made a solid 15% profit you would stay in business forever?, it has been gone for a long time now and they give all extra to the BOD as 'offerings to the gods'. The bankers are like lawyers now, the more incredible the profits they can make the better businessmen they are called. The wimpy copycat American twitter (the name so fits there!) public is their working fluid.

They want $6-10K+ profit and more on every single thing they sell now, you can't get that out of a car small enough you can only get $1K out of. They don't want to have to build and sell 6 to get the $6K, that's the banks on the BODs talking to them there. When you drop building 6 widgets to make only one, somebody gets the axe. You don't create jobs that way. Get ready to register as a temp worker and likely never have a 'real' job again, most temp positions are moving away from temp-to-hire now, it is now becoming acceptable for major corporations to allow that, sorry, we never noticed that. Lucky me, I still have a job, too bad for you, until it happens to you. The new normal.

I for one could not get a job past 55 years old, now that has moved down to 35, Be careful people, if they cannot rape you hard on pay you can't get hired permanently at 35 years old now. The more experience you have the worse it will be. The true reality of all the jobs we are 'creating' now.

Another thing. Basic cars simply do not have most of the systems that break down now, a larger and larger percentage of new car sales are due to nuisance breakages on the higher tier cars now, or gimmicky add-ons that the buyer grew to think he can't do without and then when they break he 'must have a new car', he feels he does not look good to his neighbors and friends. The $1000+ repair bill only makes him do it faster.......lead like a sheep. Take a loss on the used car and another on the new. Then it's hope THIS one doesn't break........until it does.

We as buyers here in the US have turned into whiny little children when it comes to our cars and why they have to redesign them every 2 years now instead of 4-5 like it used to be. To add more systems that break fast of course. They do NOT want to sell you a car that can last for years while all the time telling you it will.

What things gravitated toward once the modern computer car began to routinely hit 300K+ miles in life.

The cars last too long now, they had to have a way to get those lost sales back in another way. They then drop making the ones that saved you the most money.

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Here's an article differentiating Versa sedan vs Versa hatchback timelines.

QUOTE: According to the company’s 2019 order guide, obtained by CarsDirect, production of the Versa Note will end in April this year, which signals the model is most likely being phased out. Our source reports the future of the Versa Sedan looks safe for now – there are no indications in Nissan’s order guides that it will be discontinued this year. In fact, it is expected to stick around until at least 2020 when it will need a major update with safety and assist systems to stay on sale.
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Maybe they will start selling the Micra here...or since Nissan/Renault owns Mitsubishi, they will send all us cheapskates who want just a basic hatchback toward the Mirage, which starts at around $14,000.

2016 Versa Note
1.6 5 speed
Cayenne Red (NAH)
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Originally Posted by Alan_nc View Post
Yea, lets hope the car companies get out of the SUV Truck phase fairly soon. They make so much money on the 'big' stuff it's going to be hard for them to give them up. Not a lot of profit in a Note.

But.....we're the guilty ones.....they will only make what we will buy. Or maybe in some cases what they can force us to buy.
I'd love to see a new "micro car" trend. Imagine a Nissan Versa pickup truck?
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Originally Posted by Q Myers View Post
China will fill the need for smaller and less profitable cars.
China will demand the auto manufacturer build a factory in China. Then steal the designs and build their own after kicking the corporation out of the country for bogus violations.
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