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Navila9091 04-17-2019 04:26 AM

Wanting to swap diff with Renault Megane LSD
Like the title says. I have found a source for a quaiffe LSD from a renault Megane that will fit the same 6-Speed as the Renault Clio III and the Megane. I wanted to see what would be necessary for the swap. I just don't know the amount of splines the spider gears will need to receive the axles. The transmission and differential gearing would not be changed because the ring gear will need to be swapped over onto the LSD unit. I would love to have a unit to take apart and check compatibility and the spline count. I only have so much information. Going to ask a teacher from my school if he can get me a manual for the transmission model.
Here is the listing I found, for those curious.

Scuba 04-17-2019 06:52 PM

I was looking into a 6speed swap a little while ago and from what I can tell you so far is that you will need a 6 speed. I talk to a guy who races a juke and he turned me to a campany (wavetech, if i spelled it right lol) that actual has upgrades for these and they said it needs a 6speed to fit properly for any of these lsd. The spline count if I recall is the same. But with add a 6speed seams like it may fit but that I cant confirm. I am waiting for the warrenty to end be for a major changes are done.

Navila9091 04-19-2019 11:06 PM

So I do have the 6speed manual versa. And I think the company is called wavetrac? found it using google guess. And do they use the renault clio LSD they have on their site? I dont see a versa 6Spd Manual application but i do see the Clio RS as an application.

Scuba 04-23-2019 09:01 AM

Sorry for the long wait. But off the top of my head I dont know the Versa 6 speed code nor can I find any mention of it in my notes that I have. But what I can tell you is that if you can share a 6speed with the Juke it will fit. The Clio RS (cant remember the exact years) uses a mr16det which is the Juke engine (and transmission as well). But there is another thing to becarefully for it that it needs to be a 2x4 specific. The diffrence between the 2x4 and awd version is length of the LSD and its just a little longer. The TL-4 is the 2x4 model (which is what you have in the link) but there are some TL-8 that is for the awd version, both are manual transmission only. But I have some a some miss marked its the only thing I want to make you aware of. Other than that yes wavetrac is the company I was talking about.

Navila9091 04-23-2019 11:51 PM

So I can use the Clio RS diff as long as I have the 2x4 (FWD) transmission? So does that mean that it will work? I just want to make sure that the splines will match up with my stock axles. As far as North America goes, I've never heard of of an AWD versa. And I think for our Jukes, we can only get the AWD in Xtronic CVT and not 6MT. Regarding the Juke axles and Versa axles, are the spline counts at lease the same for those? I can imagine that the part numbers will be different because of length and maybe strength, but the spline to the differential should be the same no? I can't seem to find information to confirm it without having the axles.

Scuba 04-26-2019 09:21 PM

It will fit ONLY if your car has the same 6 speed transmission as the juke.

Yes I was talking about the juke sorry for not clarifying that. In that part of the world were the duster is sold there is an auto and manual versions for both 2x4 and awd. From auto to manual there is a spline count difference ( going by juke number for this) 26 manual 28 auto (feel free to double check). In my versa which is a 2016 I have different spline count altogether 25 for the transmission side and 24 for the wheel hub side.

The reason I keep bring the juke up is that engine and transmission (to be more accurate variations of the mr16det is used or the mr20de which mounts the same transmission) is what is used over there. But it get even more interesting with the nissan Xtrail and Dacia Duster and a Russian car company AvtoVAZ who makes the Lada. All share part with a juke. But depending on your year versa it will share part with some of these cars, and that not including the list of Renault cars.

Here is a part site I use for nissan car of north America.

Use it to cross check your car cause if this fits this opens new doors. So please share what you find.

Navila9091 05-03-2019 11:23 PM

So upon research and questioning other versa users, there is a difference in the splines for the Juke and the versa. Juke has 29 Spline inner and versa has 26 spline inner. What problems would I run into if i were to just swap the inner joint from a Juke axle while running a versa axle from inner joint to the hub? Trying to think of other ideas to make it work.

Scuba 05-07-2019 03:29 AM

If thats the case the transmissions dont have the same internals for that particular LSD. While they are both 6 speeds there is a small difference between the 2. Unfortunately what they all are iam not sure (they are different codes for those transmission that indicates the differences) If you still want to take a shot you are in unfamiliar waters and nobody has done what you are genna do so all you do will be your discovers. If I was you I would try and find a juke 6spd (the new sentra with the mr16det would also work) to work it into. But to answer you question if you did swap the axle ends around nothing bad should happen but I must say thats just on paper to the best of my knowledge.

amc49 05-07-2019 06:07 AM

When the spline count changes it is often due to a shaft size change, and making all parts further down the shaft, tripods, outer cases, bigger or smaller to not fit. Expect it although sometimes one can get lucky. There are length issues too, no axles are the same length as a rule at all, the trans in relation to car centerline varies all over the map.

When it comes to the LSD swap, if nobody there can re-setup proper case preload clearances it won't likely work either.

Navila9091 05-12-2019 06:17 AM

Well as far as the internals go, i know the gear ratios will be different and everything, but I am pretty sure the only difference will be the final drive ratio, meaning the ring and pinion would just need to be swapped onto the LSD unit and replace the JUKE final drive gears. And if we want to go even further, I am pretty sure we can just swap the spider gears to use the VERSA spider gears for the LSD, but I dont have a unit to be able to experiment on. I will be looking for a Juke in local junkyards, but I dont think I will be able to find many of them.

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