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stillhere153 01-19-2010 08:17 PM

How To: eBay China Center Arm Rest
Tools: Phillips Screw Driver
Optional: A handful of phillip screws identical to the ones included

It is a pretty straightforward install, I had my blackberry on me figured I'd snap a couple pics an show what the quick install entails.. again the optional part I recommend because I kinda dropped 2 phillips screws and had to go dig in my trunk for a couple spare ones, thank god these phillips are the same size as acura integra dashboard screws

I tried to avoid making the holes and install it simply into the cup holder, well it was nowhere near sturdy enough and rattled... SO I opted for the permanent method


Step 1, pick which cup holder you want to install it too, I wanted the armrest to be closer to the front so I opted for the front cupholder

Using 4 phillip screws and your screw driver, attach the base

Step 2, attach the secondary base, I opted to have the curve facing towards the front

Step 3, attach the slider which will allow you to move the armrest forward and back

Step 4, once you have the slider on you can now attach the armrest, here are some finished pics

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