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jhill15 03-17-2017 12:13 AM

How-To: 2007-2012 Adding an SL console to S model
It's been a long time since I've contributed anything to the forum, so here we go!

We bought our 2012 S hatchback brand new with only 6 miles on it. The only thing I was very disappointed in was that there was no center console box for me to rest my arm and to stash junk. Since it was brand new there weren't many options or many 2007-2012 in junk yards to add an oem box without ordering one from the dealer...which would've cost a pretty I ordered one of these from eBay. and while it has served its purpose for the past 4 well...there's no easier way to put it...sucked butts!! It constantly moved from side to side which annoyed the hell out of me!!!

Finally, after years of waiting...I decided to do a little research on the console box again.

Here is what I found and the one I ordered from eBay. It came from a 2007 SL.

I also had to order this.

So the total for this little mod/upgrade was $92.00

$60.00 for the console box to my door.

$31...and some change for the finisher.

Here's what I was working, and if you don't have a box already it's what you got as well. can see the scratches where the aftermarket box shifted from side to side.

All of the finishers on the center console just snap in place, so you will just need to pull up and wiggle them out.

You will need to unplug the power accessory socket and remove the finisher. Regardless if you have a 6spd or an auto the finisher around the shifter just pulls up as well.

You will find 2 torx screws that need to be removed.

You will also have you remove these 2 13mm bolts. "They hold the back of the center console and the box in place"

You will also need to remove finishers around the console box.
Start with the front and work around to the sides. They are held in with the same style clips as the finishers from the center console so they will just pop out...except for the back finisher of the console box...and it's a bear! There is a tab that is inside of the box that I had to use pliers to pinch in to get it to pull away from the box...there are 4 screws that you can remove to separate the cubby from the finisher... that might be easier, but when you get the box in the back finisher is the last thing to go on so putting those screws back in might be tough here's what it looks like with everything removed

Once all of that is removed you will need to do a little cutting on the center console...
These 2 cross members "I guess is what they are called" will need to be cut out for this mod/upgrade to work.

Here is my hack job
...yes it's a hack job lol but it works for now.

remove this 13mm bolt, it will hold down the front of the box.

It's easier to get to if you use an extension.

Now here is the hard part...and the part I forgot to get pictures...and the part where you as a reader get frustrated and move on to another thread...

The box doesn't fit exact...and it takes some patience to get it in.

Once you have it in place you need to work backwards. Start with the 2 torx screws to hold the center console in place.
Next the 2 13mm bolts at the back of the console. "Note: the metal tab holding down the center console will go underneath the console box bolt holes.

Next is the 13mm bolt that is beside the hand brake.

Make sure all your bolts are tight!

Lastly you will put all the finishers back on the console box!


...wait!!! I'm totally missing the last
finisher!!!'s because I'm still waiting on it to arrive lol...fingers X'd that it will just pop right in!

I will update when I receive it!!!


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Alan_nc 03-17-2017 08:42 PM

Looks great and very practical. Really like being able to swing it up. I have the other style in my 16 Note SV. I had to remove the driver seat arm rest which was in the way. Wish I had waited to get one like yours. May have to just spend the bucks and get one anyway.

jhill15 03-20-2017 11:42 PM

Finally got the finisher in today. It was a tight fit but it worked. I'm not sure if an 07-11 uses a different console surround or not...I know the number match up on the parts list but the finishers were very tight.

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JoshG 03-21-2017 01:32 AM

Very nice write up, I did the same in my V. I love it.

Only thing I find weird is the part you had to cut. Mine was a direct fit.

jhill15 03-21-2017 02:23 AM


Originally Posted by JoshG (Post 255618)
Very nice write up, I did the same in my V. I love it.

Only thing I find weird is the part you had to cut. Mine was a direct fit.

Thanks man! Yeah just my luck to have to modify my console just get the box to fit lol. I was expecting it to be direct fit. Did your console have the cross pieces that I had to cut on mine?

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