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Steering Wheel Peeling

Bought my car,used, 2 months ago. The steering wheel was fine, looked fine, and all of that. About 2 weeks later on a humid day I noticed that my hand would have flakes of the covering on my hand and it was showing that it was peeling away. At first, it was just small spots here and there but after a while it became the whole steering wheel.

It is still peeling away but it seems only on humid/warm days is it the worst. At first I was looking for ways to stop it from peeling but feel it's too far gone to do anything like that. In some spots it has peeled away to the point where the foam underneath is showing.

Just wondering if there is a way to "fix" it or do something that will make it look less like crap. Everyone around me tells me to just pick up a steering wheel cover, but I am not a fan of those and rather try to fix the steering wheel directly. I understand I can just replace the steering wheel but am looking for a cheaper alternative at this point, unless I can't. But do wonder if I got the whole steering wheel replaced what are the chances this will just happen in the future?

I'm just really baffled at how when I bought it, it looked fine but then after a while it started up. What could have caused it?!
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Mine is not peeling but is totally warn at the 12 0'clock position. That is where my hand is. I can actually grab the wheel and rotote the black foam 360. That peeling looks really bad and I can only assume some sort of cleaner was used at one point that didn't play nice with the material of the wheel. Just buy a wheel cover for now.

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If you don't want to use a steering wheel cover, pretty much your only option is replacing the steering wheel. I took my (leather) steering wheel off to replace the switches, and it's not difficult. Just get a wheel off a junked Versa and swap the airbag and switches over. There's a guide on in the how to section.
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Go find a leather wrapped wheel from an SL, there's plenty out there. I got mine from a guy on here for $50, original leather will hold up for a long time. Plus if it ever does wear out you can get it re-wrapped, just undo the stitching and you can get it wrapped in whatever you want. Steering wheel covers are retarded, i agree.
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