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  1. CVT Warranty Extension

    General Versa Discussion
    My CVT transmission in my 2016 Note SV is just now starting to fail. Uncertain if I'll make it home, about 12 miles away. I just had my transmission fluid changed about a week ago. The dealer in Puyallup, WA said he was aware of the class action issue, but also said nothing was finalized. I...
  2. No More Note?

    General Versa Discussion
    Like my 16 Note, as well. Did you receive your notice about the class action suit regarding the CVT transmission? Warranty on same just got extended 24,000 miles, unless you have manual transmission.
  3. Tire pressure indicator

    Other Automotive Discussion
    Thanks for your response. I didn't rotate the tire but possibly Enterprise did, from whom I purchased the Note. I'll attempt a reset, it cannot do any harm.
  4. Tire pressure indicator

    Other Automotive Discussion
    2016 Note. Any reason why dashboard low tire indicator would designate incorrect tire position of low tire? RR was low, LR is designated for low tire pressure. This happened last time I had a low tire, on the rear of the car. Would valve stem caps have anything to do with it?
  5. TPMS

    Brakes & Suspension
    That is correct. Manual, 2016 Note, says that is what is supposed to occur when airing tires. Mine apparently does not. Had a tire get low and I couldn't arrive at the magic number to get the idiot light to quit flashing. Door jamb says 33#, but that didn't shut the light off. Long story...
  6. TPMS

    Brakes & Suspension
    Does the key have to be on when airing tires up for the horn to notify and hazards to flash? 2016 Note.
  7. Any one Home??

    Community Help
    How can I determine what transmission I have in a 2016 Note SV? I hear nothing but bad news on the CVT transmission.
  8. TPMS

    General Technical & Electrical
    Thank you!
  9. TPMS

    General Technical & Electrical
    (from the VIN).
  10. TPMS

    General Technical & Electrical
    How do I determine if my 2016 Versa Note SV is equipped with TPMS? The tire valves look normal. Anywhere I can get what my Note came with from the factory?
  11. Cig lighter

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Thanks! That was it.
  12. Cig lighter

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Anyone know what fuse goes to cig lighter? Would it be 20 amp "power socket"? 2016 Note is my first Nissan.