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BloodyChucklz 02-17-2017 05:02 PM

Questions about a full tune-up?
2011 Hatch
98k-ish miles

My baby is getting a full tune-up as soon as I get my income tax refund check, but I was wondering if there is anything else I need to have checked or keep an eye on other than the normal tune-up maintenance? What is usually included in a normal tune-up maintenance? How much should I expect to pay for the full tune-up? Should I have the tune-up done at the local Nissan dealership, or would it be ok to find a general mechanic to do the work? Can I expect to get my car back the same day, or possibly leave it overnight?

GRRRilla Ninja

*Off-Topic* The forums don't allow changing of display name? I haven't been BloodyChucklz for a few years now lol.

arudlang 02-17-2017 08:25 PM

It depends on how up to date you are with regular maintenance, as specified in your nissan maintenance schedule booklet. Have you owned the car since new? Has it had regular service appointments in keeping with the maintenance schedule? If you are current in that book, then you need nothing more than whatever the book specifies at the next interval.

My guess is you would not be asking the question if you were up on that book, so lets look it up:

Hmmm, in my book they are asking to see my 2016 every six months or 5k miles, which is frequent but OK. In the book for 2011 they are asking to see the car every three months which seems obnoxious. Well, start at roughly the 100,000 mile mark around page 46 and work your way backwards until you hit major item that have already been done, then see what items are between those two points that hasn't been done and that will likely be a good starting point. The books are generalized for all nissan vehicles so you have to take the items that apply to your particular car and ignore the rest.

BloodyChucklz 02-17-2017 09:24 PM

Yes I've had the car since new, and have been pretty good about regular scheduled maintenance. Oil changes around 3k miles, most was 4k miles. The only time I skipped anything was last time I was getting my oil changed and the dealership said my tranny fluid, brake fluid, and a couple other things needed changed. I decided not to do it then because I knew I would be doing this full tune-up soon. Any advice for my other questions?

Cobb 04-12-2017 08:15 PM

So Chucky, did you do it? Good idea to change your brake fluid with the fancy computer tied into it.

I did the 3 cans of sea foam in my tank of gas and a can through the pcv hose of the intake of my odyssey. Man, you cant hear or feel the car idling. Its much quieter than before. MPG the same, acceleration and such the same, just idles quieter.

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