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  1. RPM

    General Versa Discussion
    Ive driven eco boxes for years and they are all like this. The 3 cylinder engine in the geo metro doubles as an air plane engine and those like many stationary engine run at 3600 rpms. So in effect that isnt too fast. Second like mentioned its in the power band. This car is one of very few I...
  2. Manual transmission fluid change 2016 versa s sedan

    General Technical & Electrical
    Did this back in November when I hit the service mile listed in manual. I reused everything. It shifts better and gained 2 mpg on average over several tanks. So far its been easy or easier to shift in cold below freezing weather. So far havent missed 3rd gear. I did that a few times and had it...
  3. I drove an 18 sedan w cvt SV

    General Versa Discussion
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, long time no hear. Lifes been busy screwing me over. Long story short I drive a black 18 sv versa sedan and in TX, DFW for the locals. Nothing like driving 500 ft at 35 mph then 70+ for the durations of my commutes. Its a cvt with I believe a launch gear or 2 speed automatic...
  4. Removal of rear drums 2015 Note

    Brakes & Suspension
    If I had to go through all that Id get new bearings, hardware and upgrade the shoes. Depending on the shape of the drums Id likely replace those as well and paint them black.
  5. If the cost was the same, would you still change your own oil?

    General Versa Discussion
    I dont know about you guys, but Im finding the nissan dealer is expensive vs the honda and toyota I owned. Ive let the honda dealer do stuff I could as it wasnt that expensive and free me up to do other things. The warranty thing may seem nice, but trust me. As soon as a problem pops up they...
  6. First gen mpg

    General Versa Discussion
    I do not believe its much. I do not believe the engine is as eco as other eco cars so eco mods, eco driving results in the same neighborhood of 40 mpg.
  7. Cant seem to shift smoothly

    General Versa Discussion
    ProComputerGaming, where do you live? Maybe there is an owner near that can test it? First gear in the 16 5 speed is really low. Its almost a waste as you can take off in 2nd. Now its a fustercluck of stuff that happens with this car. For one it has traction control so it will retard the...
  8. If the cost was the same, would you still change your own oil?

    General Versa Discussion
    My car came with free oil changes and I pay them 25 bucks to rotate the tires while they are at it. Otherwise I buy oil on sale and multipack of filters and do it myself. I usually buy 6 packs of honda filters when I had one and shop around for oil sales and chk the auto dept of walmart. Then...
  9. Medical opinion? Inflammation off the chart!!!

    Lounge Area
    Im moving and its all me doing it. Outside of my day job I work at moving til midnight and wake up at 5am to go back to work. I can barely move and I walk hunched over like an elderly person. Went to see a doc hoping to get some pain or some NSAIDs to help me besides rest. Doc who specializes...
  10. Loss of power?

    Engine Forum
    Been a while since Ive driven other vehicles. Ive rented and driven a ford transit 250 van with the v6 in it. Its wonderful in every way. It can haul ass empty with ac on a low blower speed from the rental office. Now once its been driven with ac on max blower speed in stop n go traffic for a...
  11. Kicker 6 3/4 subs in the door and where to put the amp?

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Err, kickers require more power than other speakers and are heavy on the bass. Have you tried adjusting the cross over, treble, and bass settings on the radio?
  12. Howdy all!

    New Members
    Wow, another one with low miles. Im use to seeing hundreds of thousands of miles on eco cars. Yeah, I got a 2016 s sedan and its fun to drive.
  13. 2014 versa s

    Exterior Forum
    There are a few on ebay. Malaysia has a lot of stuff for these cars, but shipping can be pricey.
  14. After Headlight Assembly replacement Headlights ON and Instrument Cluster lights OFF

    General Technical & Electrical
    On car radios there is an orange wire that controls illumination of the radio. This causes the radio to do from day to night mode or from lighting up the display only to all the buttons as well. Some people like the radio lit up like a christmas tree all the time, others only when the lights are on.
  15. Brake Lights went out, unplugged Switch, plugged back in, now they work again

    General Technical & Electrical
    I was poking around under the hood and popped my brake light fuse. Turns out its in the box under the hood. Googling it sounds like its common to pop and someone suggested using a larger size by 5 amps. On a side note saw my defroster fuse was blown.
  16. Squealing when I turn one direction

    Brakes & Suspension
    Does it vary with speed? Is it in a parking lot or highway? Most tire shops will do a free inspection to look at your drivetrain and tell you if its a bearing, brakes, shocks, etc. Yes we do have electric power steering. Otherwise Id say its that.
  17. 2016 Versa SV radio swap - BT buttons and mic don't work

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Good to hear. I use to in the early days of my stereo mods adding extra bass was to buy a bazooka pass through connector harness. I then installed the powered sub behind the driver or passenger seat. I showed the pac controller and bluetooth module delete connector to a radio installer. He...
  18. Where are the fuses located?

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    They are located in the box under the hood behind the driver side and steering wheel. Its a box with 2 large tubes like facing the fender. Open this up and its nothing but fuses on the inside of the cover and inside the box. 2nd location is between the driver side door and the dash. You have...
  19. Reusing steering wheel controls

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Im going to hang out with a car audio/video guy. Going to show him the 2 parts and pick his brain on it.
  20. A/C cold only when moving

    General Versa Discussion
    I wished I knew an expert to split hairs over how ac works and changes to make it better. I know increasing air flow over the condenser helps, increasing rpm of compressor helps, extra freon above capacity helps and air flow through the evaporator. Now my 5000 btu window unit is simple off, on...
1-20 of 194 Results