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  1. New member

    New Members
    Welcome to the site, I'm sure with a little time it will seem so much easier. Enjoy your stay. :party:
  2. Broken Coil Springs.

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hey never got the letter but glad i found out about it, had some issues took it to my guy and quoted about 1900 to repair front spring was bad, and 1 rear one (the quote was for all 4 with shock and struts) was like damn. how hard are they to replace myself when i found the front's had the...
  3. just wanted to say hi

    Off Topic
    its about 130K now, it slowed down dramatically since i got the 2nd car, plus my wife now works like 5 miles from home so that really helps alot
  4. just wanted to say hi

    Off Topic
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi, It's been a while since ive been on, like the look. Still have the versa and is chugging along great. Dave
  5. How do YOU wash/detail/protect your V ?

    Detailing & Restoration
    Ok here is what I do, I use Dri Wash n Guard Products (which i do sell on my site) Dri Wash n Guard Waterless Car Wash at the lowest price, original dry wash Normal Wash Step 1. I clean all tires, and plastic panels first using Tire and Trim Treatment, Step 2. Clean the paint, starting from the...
  6. How to wash a car without water.

    Detailing & Restoration
    Dont know how i missed this, but yeah i agree I have a blog post on what I do to really get the shine on the car Dri Wash Super Shiney Detail
  7. Seafoam help

    Engine Forum
    The link he provided is really good information, like said in the link, you will want to change oil afterwords, and yeah i usually fouled up plugs as well. But it seams to work great though.
  8. What did you do to your Versa today?

    General Versa Discussion
    damn this thing still hasnt died yet, its the never ending thread
  9. headlights pita to piss people off?

    General Technical & Electrical
    Ok why is it Nissan is the only one who makes it a pita to replace a headlight? is it complicated? no, but its a pain, and then if you freaking drop it while putting it in forget about it, just my little rant from changint a headlight a week ago, did one in the work van today and a piece of cake.
  10. May Sale

    Waterless Car Wash Products
    Just wanted to let everyone know about our special during may get an extra 5% off your order when you purhcase 50.00 or more cheapest dri wash n guard waterless car wash online, Best dry wash!
  11. Bulk Microfiber Special

    Detailing & Restoration
    If you want we can still offer that price
  12. How to wash a car without water.

    Detailing & Restoration
    Use coupon code versa for 5% off your order Dave
  13. How to wash a car without water.

    Detailing & Restoration
    Yes that is salt, this product really does work that good, I know there are quite a few members on here that use it as well Dave
  14. Acquiring IP address wireless router problem

    Lounge Area
    not sure what all you tried, but yeah generally try what everyone said try powering down, power up. router Restart computer Disable wifi adapter on laptop, reenable Try to remove wireless conection, then reconnect (on laptop) Then try factory reset on router Also can you conect to other...
  15. Meets in Chi-town???

    Great Lakes Region
    if you ask they will come. Sorry havent been on much in a while super busy, however I would surely be up for a meet.
  16. Detailed S.H.I.E.L.D. Car

    Lounge Area
    Yeah its for Thor coming out soon, cant remember the date.
  17. Detailed S.H.I.E.L.D. Car

    Lounge Area
    ok so over the weekend the c2e2 which is chicago comic and entertainment expo was here, and had to clean the car for the show, so of course here are a couple of pics, most turned out pretty crappy.
  18. Some changes

    Nissan Versa Forums Announcements
    Really, yeah the sites that big it needs even more forums, but hey whatever.
  19. Free Shipping Dri Wash

    Waterless Car Wash Products
    I need to redo the video, I would recommend using a microfiber towel to apply as well. DWG also now approves it as well (before when i made the video they where saying cotton terry, even though I been using microfibers) The main reason for the microfibers is the quality of the cotton terry...
  20. Free Shipping Dri Wash

    Waterless Car Wash Products
    Ok so we are running a special for shipping until the end of the month on orders of $75.00 use coupon code fbookship If you are not wanting to spend $75.00 let me know and I will make a special for you guys maybee $5.00 shipping? or free towels? Let me know, Dave
1-20 of 143 Results