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  1. Time To Sell Your Car?

    Group Buy / Market Research / Product Interest
    Time to sell your used car? Directcars is now giving the opportunity to car owners in singapore. Here, at Directcars, you can not just assure that your car will be sold as soon as possible. We, also make sure we have the right valuation and conditions so as our buyers can truly get the value of...
  2. Update on 2012+ sedan aftermarket parts support!

    General Versa Discussion
    If you could possibly drop some photos here, that would be great. Will check out some chassis parts. Good luck.
  3. How To: Right Hand Torque Rod & Rear Torque Rod Replacement

    How To's
    Thanks for this tutorial, Scott! Been doing this all day last Tuesday till I lost my breaker bar the following day. Will just borrow some tools later.
  4. Black Tail Lights

    General Versa Discussion
    Well just got started the process of blacking out the car tail lights covers but the car headlights remained on the default. Only then i was wondering if anyone has done this before and would be willing to share advice.Honestly I'm a little afraid of messing it up since im a noob in this issue...
  5. If Toyota made the Versa...

    General Versa Discussion
    If toyota made the versa then, they would also be the ones responsible for the consequences the cars would bring. However, i have no doubt, Nissan has the capability to come up with the good one especially with those hatchbacks like versa. Only then, toyota has the reputation to the public...
  6. Ninth Generation Civic

    Other Automotive Discussion
    I know im late with this but the only opinion i can say here is that 9th gen civic's sporty profile is made to bring back sporty pretensions that were lost when the previous ones which have been launched last 2006. In this case people can anticipate more innovative and eye catching technology...
  7. Ford Taurus starting problems

    Other Automotive Discussion
    This has been posted late in time but just an additional. personally, im using automotive grease. you can use an old toothbrush dipped in the solution, scrub the mixture into the connectors and battery terminals and that's it! ___________________________ Ford information
  8. Autostart

    General Technical & Electrical
    I know im late with this but i heard of such thing immobiliser was used during old nissans and even i was not fond of it though, i must agree that was the best solution during that time.
  9. Rear View Mirror

    Off Topic
    I hate reviving threads up but i have a past exp on it as i tightened my rear mirror the heck out of it and when I turn up my bass, 2 10" cvt kicker subs, but my ball joint on the mirror doesn't affect the angle but it does vibrate kinda violently. ____________________________________ mirror...
  10. Looking for Car Seat Covers and Window Deflectors

    General Versa Discussion
    Just got second hand clazzion seat cover for cars on the local junk.Good as new and directly fit on versa. as for the deflectors you can try ebay motors. Seat cover for cars
  11. 2010 Altima

    Other Automotive Discussion
    Kindda late with this but just an additional info to those who have been planning to shift with the altimas. Well, this is truly one of the comprehensive models i've seen from nissan. And along with versas, Altima has undergone several changes especially with the design as rs like a conventional...
  12. 2012 VW Beetle

    Other Automotive Discussion
    I know im late with this talk but agree that the TDI has an excellent gas mileage. However in line with the Volkswagen beetle, which has a latest design in this genaration. I believe that vehicle would boost the auto maker's reputation as well as revenue for the upcoming years. But when it...
  13. Coolant Flush?

    Engine Forum
    I know this has been posted a year ago but I do have a issue heres what is happening. i own the car for a year but just weeks from now when i drive a few miles and turn of my car i noticed that there reservoir is boilin and has a sound together with a white smoke. I check and opened my radiator...
  14. Audi airbag brands driver

    Other Automotive Discussion
    That's quite a crazy thing but who would condemn his addiction to that brand. As far as the law is concern plagiarizing is such a crime like the audi logo on his arm. ________________________ audi parts
  15. New Kia Rio similar in looks etc. to new V HB

    General Technical & Electrical
    It's been several months since the concept has been launched but obviously the similarities were replicas of Versa and focus HB. However good thing for KIA as this one is the most comprehensive vehicle i seen in their line.
  16. Nissan extended warranty problems

    General Versa Discussion
    Just got the same thing with my 2010 and that was such an annoying thing for that the dealership does not cover the whole thing. So i have no choice but to seek out for nissan parts out there which is definitely quite hard to do because i never know when would i came out with the OEM or the...
  17. fog light question

    Exterior Forum
    Agree on you and as far as i know the latest tech. brought the most advanced fogs whereas you need not to worry drilling or putting holes on vehicles since they are directly fitted. On the other had OEM seemed to bring the best quality..
  18. Newbie with 2012 Versa HB SL

    New Members
    Great thing being a member here. Hope you find pleasure!! anyway, you have such nice rides. Im sure you'll partner would be glad having those stuff and for having versa as you choice.
  19. FS: LEFT Versa Hatchback Tail Lights

    Member Classified / Wanted to Buy
    This has been posted last year and it's not good to got this bumped. Sorry for that but i just wanna know if there is the transparent version of this tail lights. I mostly seen them in red color but im hoping there are ones in other color so as to have other options..thanks in advance
  20. Headlight Bulb Size

    General Versa Discussion
    What kind of H4 are you using today? is it the LED? I have 3 brand new H4 Headlight bulbs which has 80w low and 100w high beam in regular white. Originated from Osram Germany...Slightly used but still in good condition. PM me if interested.
1-20 of 97 Results