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General Information

SL, sport spoiler, Clarion door speakers, CY07 stock head unit, red plaid/black suede interior
Obtained cheap, 3K at 260 000KM, bone stock, rust spots on roof, various rock chips all around, long scrape/ding in LR door, subtle dings in hatch, front bra and stone guard film.

Bought wrecker door that was in mint shape, transferred door skin from old door. Painted roof, hatch, hood with plasti dip. Sick of plasti dip. Painted hood semi gloss black Tremclad with a roller (looks good, can't tell it isn't a professional job), roof repainted gloss with Tremclad. Wrecker hatch with sport spoiler installed (dings were too subtle for me to fix myself, wasn't worth getting body shop to straighten and repaint, cheaper to get new hatch plus i got a factory spoiler as a bonus).

Gradually started wrapping various interior parts with a red plaid. Finished a month later doing a couple pieces every weekend. Currently center dash panel, all door inserts, all pillar trim covers, all front vent panels and hatch trim are covered in red plaid fabric. Applied black suede to top strip part of door skins, removed headliner and applied black suede. Painted all off white headliner hardware semi gloss black to match. Hatch light incandescent replaced with white LED for improved sight during night. Two LED's installed in cabin, one in rear of center console/armrest shining down on rear floor, one above center console shining down on cupholders and lighting up both sides.

2.5" straight pipe stainless from cat back welded and hung myself at work. 2.5" stainless exhaust pipe cold air intake (painted wrinkle red) drawing from fog light blanking insert (dimples in fog light blanking insert drilled out for ram air). Rear battery relocate. 0 AWG true copper welder cable from front to rear, 0 AWG red audio wire for starter B+, alternator, and grounds. PCM relocated to top of tranny facing down. Bracket around strut that used to support airbox eliminated for cleaner engine bay. Separate clutch master resevoir mounted near strut where PCM was, resevoir pulled from some Civic or a Prelude.

Solid motor mounts, all stock units hollowed out of old rubber and filled with polyurethane. Right hydraulic mount drilled out, emptied of hydraulic fluid and filled as well.

Royal Purple 75W90 in gearbox since bought. Whatever synthetic is on sale for motor. OEM filter always. 5000KM (3000 mile) intervals even with synthetic.

Megan Racing 2" lowering springs, new Monroe SensaTrac front struts while i was in there. Spec V (5 spoke) bronze 17's, 205/50 Pirelli Four Seasons.
2007 Nissan Versa (Black)



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